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WWII 1936 GERMAN Luftschutz Gladiator helmet used in Bulgaria, 3pcs

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WWII 1936 GERMAN Luftschutz Gladiator helmet used in Bulgaria, 3pcs
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"Order for Faithful service under the flags", 1st class

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Bulgarian Order Bravery 3rd class « Communist Period (1948 - 1989) « Bulgarian Orders, Medals & Badges « Orders « All all Items « Home

Bulgarian Order Bravery 3rd class

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Bulgarian Order Bravery 3rd class

This rare order is characterized by perfect  ribbon and is in overall good condition. The order we are offering is without number,small ribbon - last emission.

Instituted: On 15th June 1948 by decree of the Presidium of the Great Assembly; continuation of the Royal order and bears the same name. 
Awarded to: military servicemen and citizens who contributed to the successful actions on battlefield in wartime, for their bravery and achievements. The award was also given in peacetime for feats in guarding the country. It was awarded to foreign military servicemen and citizens, too, for their participation in battles.
Form: Five-angle star with 46 mm of diameter, with two swords surrounded by laurel wreath. On the ribbon of the star can be noticed a lion. Below the lion reads: "For Bravery".
Classes: The 1st class is characterized by red enamel and the rest of elements are colored in yellow. The 2nd class has white swords and wreath, and the 3rd class is of 40-mm diameter and has no enamel. The order is made of yellow metal. All the three classes are characterized by five-angle shaped red ribbons.
Emissions: The older emission of 1880 came in 4 classes, as there were 3 categories for officers and 4 classes for soldiers. The newer version comes in 3 classes, without separte signs for soldiers.
Closed: 1989

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