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Asen Marinov - The best POP and ROCK on CLASSICAL GUITAR « Bulgarian Folk instruments « Bulgarian music CDs « All all Items « Home

Asen Marinov - The best POP and  ROCK on CLASSICAL GUITAR

Asen Marinov - The best POP and  ROCK on CLASSICAL GUITAR view full size

Asen Marinov - The best POP and ROCK on CLASSICAL GUITAR

Issued: 2001
Style: classical guitar
ADD 2001-01

"Whether we live in Europe, America, or Australia, our memories are often associated with music. We remember our first kiss, our years at University, times with childhood friends, and our favorite songs from that time. I have compiled a pop and rock collection that has a place at any time in any country in the world..." Asen Marinov

1. Let it be - The Beatles 
2. Yesterday - The Beatles  
3. Michelle - The Beatles  
4. Girl - The Beatles  
5. Hey, Jude - The Beatles  
6. Hotel California - Eagles  
7. Don't Cry For Me Argentina - A.L.Webber 
8. Feelings - M. Albert  
9. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
10. Angie - The Rolling Stones
11. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
12. Soldier Of Fortune - Deep Purple
13. Sailing - Rod Steward
14. Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton
15. Losing My Religion - REM
16. The Unforgiven - Metallica
17. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Asen Marinov was born in 1973 in Kjustendil, Bulgaria. He started playing classical guitar in 1986 and since 1988 is a student of D. Doychinov. He completed his MA in classical guitar at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Asen Marinov is a winner of several awards: II Prize at the National Guitar Festival Kjustendil '97, II and I Prize at the International Guitar Festival Gotse Delchev '96/97 and others.

He participated in master classes of Oscar Gighlia, A. Desiderio, H. Kaeppel, A. Koshkin, K. Yamashita, LAGQ, etc.  

As a member of  EPIKA Guitar Quartet and a soloist, his arrangements and performances have received significant TV and radio coverage. Asen's international performances include ones in Greece, Italy, Germany, USA and Micronesia.

Currently Asen Marinov teaches classical guitar in Southwestern University of Blagoevgrad.

For more information and free music samples visit Asen Marinov's site:  and

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