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Bulgarian Alexander Vachkov - The Balkan War 1912-1913 « Bulgarian Books « Home

Bulgarian Alexander Vachkov - The Balkan War 1912-1913

Bulgarian Alexander Vachkov - The Balkan War 1912-1913 view full size

Bulgarian Alexander Vachkov - The Balkan War 1912-1913

ISBN: 954-90587-2-7
Author: Alexander Vachkov
Published: 2005
Pages: paper back, 159 pp.
Language: English
Unique maps and pictures!

This excellent book is a result of a long and detailed research made by the author, Alexander Vachkov. It is the second book of the sequel intended to comprise four books related to the wars that lead to the unification of Bulgaria. We also offer the first book of the sequel, which is called "The Serb-Bulgarian war 1885".

The author has devoted a lot of time and efforts to award the readers with a book that is not a mere review of the Balkan War. He has included information about the participant countries, about their military equipment, operations and strategies, armament etc. What would be most curious to the collectors are the types of uniforms of the Bulgarian army. There are 16 pages of detailed illustrations of the Bulgarian general uniforms, infantry, patron regiments, cavalry, artillery, pioneers, drivers, pilots and medics, junkers, and navy people uniforms. Uniforms of the other participants are also present.

The book is written in an excellent style. It is richly illustrated, there were also used photographs belonging to private collectors. Some of them are so rare that they haven't been seen by the public at all! Some of the maps and schemes, specially worked for this book, are somewhat novel, too and have not been published until now, either.

The information gathered is interesting and intriguing, the military operations have been described briefly, thus allowing the author to touch upon other facts that are worth mentioning. According to Alexander Vachkov himself, his main contribution is the war visualization. Thus, in his opinion, the reader will be able to feel the spirit of Balkan war time.

Our team is impatiently waiting for the third book of the sequel. We assume it will be as good as the two previous ones.
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