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Original WWI German Zeltbahn tent set Poles + Rope M. FLOUR COLN 1916
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GREEK BAGLAMA, the Smallest BOUZUKI professional instrument « Bulgarian Folk instruments « Home

GREEK BAGLAMA, the Smallest BOUZUKI professional instrument

GREEK BAGLAMA, the Smallest BOUZUKI professional instrument view full size

GREEK BAGLAMA, the Smallest BOUZUKI professional instrument

This is a professional baglama instrument handmade by the best Bulgarian string instruments master. The baglama is of perfect make and is intended for professional musicians. The instrument is UNIQUE, entirely handcrafted. It is of a skillful craftsmanship resulting from master's hard work, creativity and rich professional experience. The wood material used is 15 years old, dried and processed via special traditional technology. The maker of the baglama we offer you is known for his talent on a national and Balkan region level. He is a third-generation master: both his father and grand father were into the string instruments making.
The instrument's quality is guaranteed with a certificate issued by Shop Bulgaria ltd. and the master himself.

The bouzouki and its smaller offshoots Joura and Baglama are thought to be distinctly Greek instruments but they were traditionally spread in many other Balkan countries. The legend tells that baglama was made by the Greeks prisoners sent to exile in the Turkish prisons. They made the instrument smaller so that they could hide and carry it more easily.

This is a professional BAGLAMA string instrument for orchestra, the smallest of the bouzouki family. It is made by one of the oldest and most experienced Bulgarian string instruments masters, Hristo Stefanov. It is distinguished for its excellent workmanship and high- quality materials.
Mind you, the baglama we offer can be played as a traditional Greek instrument, only the tuning should be changed.
The Baglama instrument has the following characteristics:
- the bottom part of the neck of the instrument is made of walnut-tree; pegs for tightening the strings; the same keys as the ones typical for the guitar.
- neck, also made of Acacia
- corpus consisting of thick resonant top plate; front part made of spruce and reverse made of walnut-tree; for the make of the corpus is used a block of wood that is hollowed out, handmade by old traditional master technique.
- metal string holder on the bottom of the top plate.
- 6 metal strings in 3 pairs, professionally made in 2 octaves and 24 positions. The strings in the last pair differentiate by an octave . The bridge ("donkey") is made of mahogany. The fingerboard is made of mahogany, too.

At the moment the instrument is pitched as a typical bouzouki E A D (Mi-La-Re) but the tonality can be changed to AFC, EAE or BGC-sharp . You can order an instrument tuned DAD where the master will use thicker strings in order to obtain this typical greek tuning.

Instrument measures:
Length 56 cm / 22"
Mensure (the distance from the last three keys on the neck top to the bridge) - 36 cm / 14,2"
The instrument goes with a certificate signed by both Shop Bulgaria and the master, guaranteeing the quality of the instrument.

Please, note that we offer cases for baglama. If you get a baglama instrument together with a case, you get the case for 45 Euro only!

About the masters: The string instruments we offer are made by two masters: a father and a son. Bai Christo Stefanov (the father) is one of three best and most popular masters of Bulgarian string instruments. Bai Christo ( bai- a form expressing respect put in front of a name), as they call him, is a 3rd generation musician and instrument master. Because of his indisputable craft skills Bai Christo produces instruments for most Bulgarian state and local orchestras and ensembles. A great part of the music schools also order his instruments. Bai Christo has a few Master Certificates from the Bulgarian Masters' society. Apart from that, he is also awarded with different honorary Diplomas and prizes from expositions. Several articles and books popularize his skills, knowledge and products, the instruments themselves
Nikolay Stefanov (the son) has learnt the skills of string instruments making from his father and has been a recognized master for 15 years now. Nikolay is known for his creative approach, desire to experiment and use innovative technologies. His greatest achievements are inventing the prototype of gadulka violin we were selling as well as a special technology of varnishing.
Both a musician and a master, Nikolay is constantly looking for new ways to add to his mastership. He has been constantly consulting university professors and professional musicians that assist him in finding how to make the best of the instruments he crafts.
By working shoulder to shoulder, Christo and Nikolay combine tradition and innovation. The result of their efforts will definitely please every professional musician.

READ MORE about Christo and Nikolay Stefanovi

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