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TREASURES OF BULGARIA book « Bulgarian Books « Home


TREASURES OF BULGARIA book view full size


ISBN 954-474-051-1 
Author:  Peter Konstantinov
Printed :  2001
Pages: 250 p., hard cover 
Language: Text in English 
Photos: 322 color and black & white photos

The book presents a comprehensive survey of the arts, architecture and archaeological heritage in the Bulgarian lands and provides an insight into the unique atmosphere and spirit of the National Revival period in some of the most beautiful spots in Bulgaria.

It is a picturesque jurney which starts from the imposing century-old complex of Rila Monastery, taking the reader through the millenaires and ruins of antiques cities, the riches of monasteries, churches, museums, art galleries, private collections, ethnographical and nature reserves, scattered throughout the country, and ends in the capital city of Sofia.

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