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Die bulgarischen Kloster

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Die bulgarischen Kloster
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Bulgarian Submarine Badge 2nd communist emission

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Bulgarian Submarine Badge 2nd communist emission
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Medal 100 years of "Kliment Ohridski" University of Sofia, 2nd class « Communist Period (1948 - 1989) « Bulgarian Orders, Medals & Badges « Unofficial Medals « Home

Medal 100 years of

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Medal 100 years of "Kliment Ohridski" University of Sofia, 2nd class

The medal was issued in 1988 and was dedicated to 100- year anniversary of the first Bulgarian institution of higher education that was founded in 1888.

The medal was meant as an award to former and present university professors and associate professors who contributed greatly to the development of the Bulgarian Alma Mater.

The medal is of round shape, the 1st is made of a yellow metal (alloy) whereas the 2nd and 3rd classes are made of white, silver-like metal. In fact, the three classes differ in nothing else but the color of the metal used for their make. On the obverse is present the embossed image of the University's patron, Saint Kliment Ohridski. On the left and right side of the saintÂ’s image are placed letters from the Bulgarian alphabet. On the reverse, in the center of the award is presented the embossed image of the University's main building. Above it is written the year of 1888 when the University was founded. At the medal periphery is inscribed Kliment Ohridski Sofia University.

Additional information: "St. Kliment Ohridski" Sofia University is the first school of higher education in Bulgaria. The authority of the School of Higher Education grows with the cultural and educational mission it acquires after the Liberation of 1878. Year by year the Sofia University turns into an academic and scientific center on the Balkans which is a fully developed academic institution with European prestige. Today the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" is the largest and most prestigious educational and scientific center in the country.

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