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Bulgarian Badges Witnesses of History Reference Book « Bulgarian Orders, Medals & Badges « Catalogues - awards « Home

Bulgarian Badges Witnesses of History Reference Book

Bulgarian Badges Witnesses of History Reference Book view full size

Bulgarian Badges Witnesses of History Reference Book

Author: Dietrich E. Riemer: a collector focused on Bulgarian communist awards.
Printed in: May 2007, Sofia, Bulgaria
First, limited edition of 125 copies
Each copy is numbered, with handwritten personal message by the author!

+ Glossary of abbreviations with interpretation!
+ Separate pricelist  with prices  as  of May, 2007 (to be  updated  annually)
Language: English
ISBN–10: 954-91123-4-9
Size: 160/220 mm, hardback, high-quality print!
Pages: 361
This book of excellent printing quality presents more than 1500 Bulgarian badges in detail and will bring joy to the readers who value in-depth information and full-color photos! Most badges are shown at actual size. Where a photo had to be reduced, the reduction ratio is listed. Interesting details of badges are explained with enlarged pictures, which is very helpful!
Mind you, a lot of the badges included in the book have been published for the first time!
The book we offer you on Bulgarian badges can be freely referred to as the first attempt to cover a field that is too broad to fully encompass. The main goal of the book is to satisfy the needs of the collectors and provide them with useful information about the Bulgarian decorations that are least explored: Bulgarian badges. In brief, the book can be referred to as a priceless reference tool for every collector (both advanced and beginner).
The author’s style is easy-to-follow and interesting-to-read: Bulgaria’s history and its decorations are presented in a story-like manner, with a lot of social aspects and facts of importance included.
Different spheres of awarding have been explored: art and culture, different ministries, the communist party, a whole variety of organizations, the Armed forces, MVR, Navy, Civil Defense as well as all the official and unofficial structures of the Bulgarian society.
The history of the awards themselves is presented too, their classes, emissions, rank and type of make. General historical background and rich fact material add to the merits of the book. At that point, it won’t be exaggerated to say that the author is the readers’ guide in time showing them the different stages of development both of the Bulgarian state and the Bulgarian badges, the witnesses of History. Follow him and you won’t get lost.
Here is part of what one of the best experts on Bulgarian awards, Todor Petrov, writes in his review of the book:
“During recent years, the interest in Bulgarian awards like orders, medals, badges etc. has been continuously on the increase. However, it is still difficult to find reference literature that satisfies the interested reader in all areas of Bulgarian decorations. While several in-depth research books on Bulgarian orders and medals were recently published, Bulgarian badges are still “terra incognita” for people with more than a cursory interest. In this sense, Dr. Dietrich Riemer’s book is a valuable contribution and comes at the right time. His research is beginning to fill this information gap.”
“This book is valuable reference material not only for collectors and specialists in the field of Bulgarian badges, but also for the public possessing no previous knowledge of the topic. As a whole, the book will appeal to anyone interested in Bulgarian history, but especially to those with an interest in Bulgarian awards.
Dr. Riemer’s research makes a considerable contribution to Phaleristics and Philatelistics and provides the beginning structure for Bulgarian badges as historical records. This book will surely have an immense role in promoting Bulgarian badges worldwide.”
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