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BULGARIAN SUMMER CAMOUFLAGE UNIFORM M90, model 1990 « Bulgarian Militaria « SOLD Military Gallery « Home


BULGARIAN SUMMER CAMOUFLAGE UNIFORM M90, model 1990 view full size


We offer you this Bulgarian camouflage uniform splintern pattern, model 1990 the first model used in Bulgarian army after communism.
Here is what the set comprises:
- cap summer type size: EU  57 - 58

- a shirt has two breast  and one inside pockets. The shirt is of L size. Sleeves are long (65 cm/ 25,6 inches), but they can be rolled up and fixed shorter by the sleeve buttons. Chest 118 cm /46,5 inches.

- The pants have side waist straps that can be regulated. The pants have two hand pockets, two side and two rear flap pockets. There are two side pockets at the bottom of the legs. The pants have a waist belt that can be regulated. The waist girth is max: 96 cm/37,5 inches. It can be reduced by means of the built-in belt. The full length of the pants is 112 cm/44 inches. The inseam is 80 cm/ 31,5 inches.There is a producer's label on one of the legs

"The Bulgarian Splinter or Forest pattern was developed in an attempt to give its Special Forces members a better uniform (than all green) and to make them noticed among Warsaw Pact countries. Initially only Officers and Special Ops units until the 1980's received this pattern. By 1994 all Officers wore camouflage and by 1999 all soldiers on active duty wore camouflage.  The pattern was copied from the German WW2 water/splinter pattern of the Luftwaffe FalschirmJager paratroops that trained Bulgarian Paratroops till 1944. The remaining Splinter uniforms from 1944, from the elite paratroop units were the basis for this design. Not wanting to be mocking of a Fascist era the pattern was edited to shorten the geometric shapes. The first trials were crude and resembled East German rain patterns made for Bulgaria. The Second trials had the colors not touch each other and gave a distinctive Bulgarian 'squiggle' to the rain drops to make it unique among so many Warsaw pact rain camo patterns. Some shades are light colored while others are dark. This has to do with the type of cotton used and the dye process. The thicker the cotton the darker the base green is. However, it was policy that in the 1980s the shade was to be a light tan base color and by the early 90s a light green color, and by 1997 it was changed to a dark green base color. The browns are sometimes a purplish color as well, this is due to, once again, poor dying techniques. These uniforms are typically given to other countries or used for other purposes than military. There are also Grey based color backgrounds without raindrops and with very light brown colors. These were a trial pattern for Paratroops that never was issued but some uniforms found their way into supply anyways and were issued to Air Force maintenance personnel and Navy security.
The Frog skin / Rain pattern camouflage from Bulgaria was developed in the 1970s in an attempt to make a uniform that the NATO allies could not recognize. With this new pattern Bulgarian Paratroops would invade an 'aggressor' area. This pattern was never official and thus "secret". IT was issued first to Paratroops, then Chemical Warfare troops then a few found their way to the border patrol (not border guard). It was formally disbanded upon the new democratic government around 1991. The pattern is still used in other equipment however. The original fabric was printed in East Germany and sewn in Bulgaria. The machines were then moved to a small city outside the capitol, Sofia, where more were indigenously made. This Pattern is rare and should any have emblems or Bulgarian markings they are even more rare. " text found on Chris Remy's web page

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