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Bulgaria SET 6 Cased Communist Orders
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GD 203 PANCHO VLADIGEROV - Compositions
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Bulgarian General Air Forces Dagger Royal Model /made 2008 + luxurious case « Bulgarian Militaria « Edged weapons « Home

Bulgarian General Air Forces Dagger Royal Model /made 2008 + luxurious case

Bulgarian General Air Forces Dagger Royal Model /made 2008 + luxurious case view full size

Bulgarian General Air Forces Dagger Royal Model /made 2008 + luxurious case

We are offering this unique contemporary air forces dagger model made after the royal one from 1930. The dagger comes with luxurious wooden case covered with black leather and metal name - plate It is made by the well known knife master Kiril Kolikov. He also has patent rights for manufacturing the new-model of daggers appears in 2003.  The Master was impressed by the royal air forces dagger exquisiteness and after long studying and researches in 2008 he manufactured this impressive piece of art. It appears on occasion of his 60th jubilee an as a sign of friendship to Bulgarian air forces generals.  He named it "Generalski aviatorski" for whose base are used the form and symbols of the royal dagger model with some small form modifications. The daggers are made to order only and the manufactured quantity now is four. With the first one has been awarded the air forces commander general Simeonov. This dagger distinguishes by its impressive and masterly make. It is manufactured of high quality materials after special manual technology.

The dagger’s full length is 31, 5 cm/8, 9 inches. The blade’s length is 16,3 cm/6,4 inches and the material employed for the blade is high-quality Czech stainless steel of the "AK-5" type.

On the one side can be noticed master’s initials: K & K and ornament. On the other one in the middle of ornamentation reads: “Duty and Honor”.  We have also seen this inscription on the 2003 model daggers. The motto was borrowed from the Youth’s Organization called “Brannik” that existed prior to 1945. Crossguard and hilt are made as whole ornament, which in its lower part represents propeller. The hilt is made of polycarbonate. On the front you can notice a silver (Ag930) 8 cylinder engine. On the other side is placed a shield for the owner’s initials. The hilt ends with eagle’s head for whose eyes are used synthetic stones with rubious color.  On the back you can see an Old Bulgarian-like ornamentation with the Bulgarian royal coat of arms on it. The scabbard is of mat metal material with beautiful ornaments. On its top one can see an eagle leg holding the earth. The hanger of the dagger is made of black, soft material, with golden like tinsel patch. The metal parts are nickel plated. In the upper end, there is a clasp for a parade officer belt, and at the bottom end can be noticed small buckles. Length is adjusted by means of solid buckles shaped as a flying eagle.

Kolikov is one of the most favourite blade masters in Bulgaria. He is born in 1948, and study the dagger’s-making at the old master work-shop D. Dimitrov. Kolikov get the master degree in 1977, received several awards and certificates from different exhibitions, and took part in over 50 international shows. Blades that he created over the years were awarded to celebrities like Kim Ir Sen, Fidel Castro, Leonid Brejnev, Francoi Miteran, Vladimir Putin, prince Charles, Franc Bekenbauer, etc. Each of master’s creations is result of over 120 operations, most of them – about 80% are hand made. Each of the daggers that Kolikov made represents his development, creative spirit and master work.
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