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Perfect Bulgarian Medical Officer Parade Dagger Set 2011 « Bulgarian Militaria « Edged weapons « Home

Perfect Bulgarian Medical Officer Parade Dagger Set 2011

Perfect Bulgarian Medical Officer Parade Dagger Set 2011 view full size

Perfect Bulgarian Medical Officer Parade Dagger Set 2011

Perfect Bulgarian Medical Officer Parade Dagger Set M2011, Royal model

We offer you a perfect, full-set, Medical dagger that is a new model of 2011 and makes part of the dagger series started 2003. Master Kolikov is working on this project since several years and his efforts are focused to create a close copy series of the Bulgarian royal daggers. The dirk here is very similar to the medical dagger from 1936 (repeating 70% of the original’s details).
The Medical dagger here distinguishes by its unique design that makes it absolutely beautiful, perfect for collecting and display. Dagger is awarded to high rank officers doctors of the Military academy, ministers and prominent state people. The set comprises:
-                  highest quality hand made dagger with hangers
-                  a wooden case, with leather on the outside and soft velvet on the inside. (If you wish to purchase the dagger only, without case or hangers, please contact us in advance.)
-                  There is a brass plate where names or gift messages can be engraved.
The dagger is of perfect quality. The main materials used are: highest quality steel "4X13" or "AK-5", policarbonate, brass, nickel and copper.
The dagger's full length is 40,3 cm/15,8 inches. The knife only is 34,7 cm/13,6 inches; the blade is 22,5 cm/8,9inches. For the make of the blade is used high-quality French, stainless steel.
On both sides of the blade can be noticed specific Old Bulgarian-like ornamentation. In the middle reads: "Duty and Honor". This motto was borrowed from the Youth's Organization called "Brannik" that existed prior to 1945. At the upper part is discreetly engraved the sign of the only authorized daggers master - Kiril Kolikov, who has been a knife master for years on end. The sign is composed of the master's initials: K & K and a dagger in the middle, all of them placed over a shield.
The cross guard is massive and has two lion heads at both ends. On the averse of the crossguard is seen the beautiful badge of the royal medical Red Cross service. The enamel badge represents a Red cross on a white base, mounted by a crown and encircled by a laurel wreath. On bottom is the motto: “I serve” / Az sluja . On the other side of the crossguard is seen Bulgarian army's symbol: a lion in an upright position, over a shield.
At the base of the hilt is placed a ring with a decoration of oak leaves and acorns. The hilt is made of polycarbonate and is colored in yellow to signify that the dagger is for medical officers. There was used gold-like wire that is coiled twice. In the upper part can be noticed a subtly made, gold like crown ending with a cross.
The scabbard is nickel-plated, with gold like elements with oak-leave ornamentation.
The hanger of the dagger is made of red velvet, with gold like tinsel patch. The metal parts are covered with gold like layer. The details here were also specially designed, copying the logo of the royal health-officers – two snakes over a cup with a wreath around.
In the upper end, there is a clasp for a parade officer belt, and at the bottom end can be noticed small buckles.
Both the maker and ShopBulgaria guarantee the quality of this excellently made dagger we offer you!

  • In 2003 was panted the new-model Bulgarian daggers. They are based on Bulgarian royal model dagger employed prior to WWII. The people who made up this model are  H.Dermendzhiev, T.Predov and K.Kolikov. The series includes 9 different daggers which you may see on our web page.
  • It is interesting to note that after the long-awaited dagger model was patented and approved as part of the officer’s uniform of the Bulgarian army, it didn’t start to be made in quantity. One of the reasons is that the army is constantly under reform and lacks the necessary financial resources. Up to now, there has been fabricated a small number of daggers only. There are made either single-order pieces to accompany awards or to mark some very special occasion. Supposedly, the daggers fabricated are no more than 15-20, and most of them were ordered as an award or a gift to few Bulgarian generals and VIP guests of the government.
  • After the daggers are ordered, they are listed under a certain number in the army, as the officer’s name the dagger is given to is also to be included. The number is engraved on the dagger’s blade. The daggers we offer you don’t have a number, for they won’t be part of the army registers.
  • Common characteristics of the modern Bulgarian daggers:
    Each of the three dagger models is to be characterized by a different color: the ivory is for the Air force, the Infantry daggers are yellow colored, whereas the Navy ones are black.
    All the daggers have crowns, just like the Royal model. The hilt also repeats the royal model, so does the cross guard. At the front side of most daggers can be noticed the royal cross for Bravery. On the reverse is the army symbol, depending on the type of troops. The Infantry symbol is a lion in an upright position, with a shield (just as the Royal), the Air force symbol is a propeller with wings and somedecoration, whereas the Navy symbol is an anchor with ornaments.The blades of all daggers are the same: on one of the sides can be noticed the engraving of traditional ornaments and the lettering: “Duty and honor”. It is interesting that the designers of the dagger have made use of the motto of the famous youth Nazi organization of WWII: “Brannik”. So far, however, all the daggers have been with the lettering offered in the project: "S nami bog" / God with us (the same as with the royal tradition). What is also interesting is the special make of all molded metal parts: they are of 930-probe silver. Every dagger goes with a hanger. The daggers made by order can have a luxurious case with plate where name can be inscribed. It has to be mentioned that master Kolikov is the one who makes the daggers which are to be awarded by the President himself, to foreigners in most cases).
Kolikov is one of the most favourite blade masters in Bulgaria. He is born in 1948, and study the dagger’s-making at the old master work-shop D. Dimitrov. Kolikov get the master degree in 1977, received several awards and certificates from different exhibitions, and took part in over 50 international shows. Blades that he created over the years were awarded to celebrities like Kim Ir Sen, Fidel Castro, Leonid Brejnev, Francoi Miteran, Vladimir Putin, prince Charles, Franc Bekenbauer, etc. Each of master’s creations is result of over 120 operations, most of them – about 80% are hand made. Each of the daggers that Kolikov made represents his development, creative spirit and master work.
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