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Extremely RARE German Olympic Games Torch, Berlin 1936 « Sport & Olympics collectibles « Home

Extremely RARE German Olympic Games Torch, Berlin 1936

Extremely RARE German Olympic Games Torch, Berlin 1936 view full size

Extremely RARE German Olympic Games Torch, Berlin 1936

ORIGINAL Olympic torch from Berlin 1936 as award of the bearer in the Olympic relay

We present you an extremely interesting set of original Torch from the Olympiad that took place in Nazy Berlin in 1936 The torch is authentic and is very well preserved despite the years that have passed.

The torch is manufactured by Friedrich Krupp AG. There were only 3840 torches made, as a very small part of them has reached us in present times!

The route's length in Bulgaria is 238 km, as there were 238 people who ran with the torch. Every torch was to remain for the person who carried it. The Bulgarian Olympic committee recommended that the torch be used as a candlestick after the Olympiad. We don’t have information whether all torches in royal Bulgaria stayed with their bearers. After 1945, when the Bulgarian communist party comes to power, all items related to royal Bulgaria and the Third Reich were banned and completely destroyed. It was not uncommon at all for the owners of things like that to be sent to the so called “camps of Death” too. That is why very few items survived during the 45 years of communist regime. The same situation holds true in the other former socialist countries.

Torch height: 27cm/10,63 inches

Diameter of the upper part: 15,5 cm/6,1 inches; basis: 8,7 cm/3,4inches

Weight: 473 gr

Perfect authentic condition except for some small groove on the basis edge, that can be easily restored. 


The torch is definitely worth it, especially if you are a collector of Olympic or Third-Reich items. Don’t miss it, for items like that appear on the market once in a while!!!!

In 1936, the Olympic Games in Berlin were the first to take a flame from Olympia. The torch we offer you is a part of this moment of historic importance.
You can read some more general information about the Olympic Games in Berlin, as found in: at our blog section.

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